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Frequently Asked Questions About Dental Implants Colorado Springs

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Why Should I Choose Dental Implants?

Dental implants are the cutting edge technology dentists use today to replace missing teeth. The idea is simple in it's design, but requires an artist's touch to get it set up the right way.

A real tooth is rooted into your jawbone, and has nerve endings attached that help feed nutrients to the tooth. Once that tooth is dislodged, a replacement must be made available, or else the jawbone begins to weaken.

 An implant is an artificial root. It doesn't have nerve endings, like a real tooth would, but nevertheless, the jawbone will accept it into the body if it is installed the right way.

This makes an implant the best replacement for missing teeth ever created. They act exactly like a real tooth would, You do not need to remove them to eat and/or clean. They look and feel like your own natural teeth.

Down below are several benefits you may want to consider.

Implants have been around long enough that studies show they can last at least forty years. The only reason we don't know if they last longer is because implants have only been around for about forty years.

Many implant dentists believe implants can last a lifetime, as long you maintain them properly. Studies have shown implants outlasting bridges, dentures, and other cosmetic dental options.

They Look Real
Dental implants look, feel and behave like your natural teeth. They can be fitted so well into your jawbone, that the vast majority of people will never know otherwise. This allows patients to eat, speak and socialize with confidence.

Eat Whatever You Want
Dentures were once the best option . . . but the pros believe their time has come and gone. Dentures are not anchored like implants are. This means you cannot eat whatever you would like to eat because they shift. Crunchy fruit and/or vegetables, hard bread, and steak are foods you can eat with no problem - when you have dental implants.

No Speaking Issues
People new to dentures will slur their words, or even spit, when talking with their new prosthetics. This is because their tongue, mouth, and brain, haven't all wired together to figure out speech yet. These problems go away over time, but why bother with all that when dental implants do not impair speech at all.

Socializing & Smiling
People act very strange when they are suffering from missing teeth. They shut their mouths when smiling, or cover their mouths when talking. Whether they realize it, or not, their confidence has been shaken. Why go through all those hops when dental implants work so well, not even your best friends will realize you have new teeth! Dental implants can allow you to eat, speak and socialize without fear or embarrassment.

No Bone Density and/or Tissue Problems
Dental implant treatments have a proven track record of great success. The process is now predictable and comfortable, with fantastic results.

A huge benefit of implant treatment is their ability to help preserve one's jawbone. Bone levels in the jaw stay strong, which helps to keep soft tissues healthy also.

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What Are the Benefits of Dental Implants?

Dental implants provide a number of benefits as a tooth replacement solution.

A major benefit is keeping as many of your "good" teeth as possible. When a dentist uses a "bridge" to replace a tooth, they must destroy a perfectly good tooth that stands next to the missing tooth. Implants can be placed into the missing area, without bothering any other teeth.

Another benefit is helping your jawbone maintain its density, and health. If nothing is rooted into the jawbone, it will begin to atrophy over time. A dental implant behaves like a natural tooth root. It tricks the body into believing the jaw needs to maintain its structural density, and this "trick," is what allows you to have replacement teeth as strong as your original teeth.

The Tooth Implant Pros of Colorado Springs believe the greatest benefit implants provide is their durability and longevity. If they are well-maintained, implants can last you the rest of your life.

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Do Dental Implants Hurt?

An implant requires surgery, and any time you have surgery there is going to be pain. The great thing about technology is that it allows us to hold off on the pain until much later on.

The pain you will eventually feel is the body healing itself. However, this pain will begin to come on hours after the operation is complete. The real pain is that pain we no longer have to experience is because of local anaesthesia and sedation dentistry. Before these options existed, people had to bite down on a piece of leather while a surgeon worked on them. Thank goodness those days are behind us. You will feel no pain whether you decide to use an anaesthetic, or sedation dentistry.

Once feeling returns to the area, people feel varying degrees of discomfort. You will most likely need a day, or even two, off from work. You may also need some over-the-counter pain relief, to help you get through this brief period of mild pain.

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